About Us

The Quimby Family

We are a family, born and raised in Southern Oregon, who LOVES everything about the Christmas season, especially the trees!  We have always dreamed of selling Christmas trees, but not simply “selling” them.  We wanted to create something different than a tree lot…something that would combine the experience of getting a tree with the magic of Christmas.

In a perfect world, our rosy-cheeked family, with mitten-clad hands, would hike through the glistening snow covered woods to cut down our Christmas tree.  Then, reality sets in.  Life gets busy with jobs, chasing kids, and overwhelming responsibilities.  It is often hard to find extra time, and we usually end up getting a tree at the last minute from a dark lot or a store where they’re stacked out front.  That’s sure convenient, but not magical.  It’s just a tree, tied to the roof of our car until we get it home and set it up.  Then Christmas can really start!

We wanted to create an easy way for families to make getting their tree a magical experience that would help start their Christmas season.  That is how Santa’s Oregon Trees was born, and here’s the story behind it…

Many people think Santa only supervises toy building in the off-season. In this day and age everyone is working extra jobs, so Santa is also at tree farms inspecting future Christmas trees.  If Santa is going to put all your gifts under these trees he wants to make sure they are truly beautiful.  Only the best trees are approved by Santa to be delivered to you.  You will find a special tag on your tree that ensures Santa has personally inspected and approved it as an “OFFICIAL” Christmas tree.  Santa also has a little extra travel time before Christmas Eve so he is happy to personally deliver your tree, with the help of his elves, directly to you in time for Christmas!  Now, do you think Santa would show up at your house without a gift?  Of course not!  Every tree order includes special personalized gifts from Santa for your children! 

Think back to when you were a child…how exciting would it have been for Santa to show up at your house with a gift and a Christmas tree!  As you can see, we don’t just bring you a tree, we deliver a magical Christmas experience!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Start it off with us! 

We look forward to delivering Christmas magic to you!

Thank you,

David, Becca, and Colt Quimby

Grants Pass, OR