Why should I buy from Santa’s Oregon Trees?

You should buy from us if you are looking for a magical Christmas experience!  Also, you should buy from us if you simply want a beautiful, fresh tree without the hassle of mucking through the lot to find a good one, getting it home without messing up your car, lugging it into the house, etc.  Let us make the process of getting your Christmas tree a fun experience rather than a stressful one!

Can’t I get a tree cheaper at a lot or big box store?

They do sell them for less, however they are only selling you a tree while we are bringing you an experience.  Also, the quality of our trees is guaranteed to be much higher.  Our trees are fresher and more beautiful!  If you just want any old tree…we may not be the best fit.  If you want getting your tree to be a fun and exciting experience…we are here to deliver Christmas magic to you!

Why is Santa delivering them?

Santa brings the magic of Christmas with him wherever he goes.  If Santa is putting your gifts under a tree, he would want it to be the best tree there is.  Santa wants to be part of your entire Christmas experience, not just Christmas Eve.

 How fresh are they?

Our trees are cut fresh and then shipped directly to us.  We have two different shipments scheduled to ensure you have the freshest tree possible based on your delivery date.

Can I pick from different ones when you deliver it?

We will have a few extra trees just in case you do not feel the one Santa selected for you is perfect.  We understand how important it is to have the perfect Christmas tree.  That is why we chose a farm that not only grows the best, but sets aside the best of the best for us.

Why do I have to prepay?

We ask for a prepayment or deposit to insure your order and a timely tree delivery.  It also lets us know that you are excited and ready to have one of Santa’s inspected and approved trees delivered to you.

Why do you use an 800 number if you are local?

We use an 800 number to give you the best possible service.  We strive to be available to you whenever you decide it’s time to order.

Why buy from you when I normally buy from a fundraising group?

Non-profit groups are important and we aren’t in competition with them.  We decided to create a wonderful Christmas experience for people and also help a non-profit group at the same time.  We wanted to bring you the best of both, the chance to get a beautiful Christmas tree, have a fun experience, and also help a local non-profit group.

What is CASA?

Santa’s Oregon Trees believes children are the greatest treasure in life.  That is why we are excited to donate a percentage of our proceeds to CASA of Josephine County.  CASA helps children year round by providing individually assigned and dedicated volunteers to come along beside foster children.  Please visit them here to see the valuable work they are doing and how through the purchase of your Christmas experience you are helping them too!

What kind of guarantee do you have?

We guarantee that our Christmas trees and our service will exceed your expectations.  Our trees are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.  We have personally visited our grower’s farm and have seen their beautiful trees first-hand.  Our grower guarantees satisfaction to us and so we are pleased to pass that guarantee along to you.

 Do you deliver outside of Grants Pass?

Currently we deliver within the greater Grants Pass area only.

What if I don’t want a visit from Santa, but would still like to order a tree to be delivered?

We would be happy to deliver a tree to you, at a discounted price, without Santa if you prefer.  Let us know when ordering if you would like Santa to come or not.

Do you setup lights and decorate trees?

We will deliver your tree and put it in the stand if you wish. Please be sure to have your stand ready!  We would never want to take away the fun, Christmas experience of decorating the tree!

How long will my tree last?

If your Christmas tree is properly watered and kept away from heat sources that could dry it out, it should last you throughout the Christmas season.  Go to the Caring For Your Tree page to learn more.  View our Products to find out how long each different species of tree lasts.  (Hint: Noble Fir last the longest.)